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Our vision, values, mandate and service standard


A modern publication that is known and trusted by Canadians looking to access, learn about, and contribute to the official activities of the Government of Canada.


  • Accessibility
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  • Client service excellence
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The mandate of the Canada Gazette Directorate is to produce and publish all parts of the Canada Gazette within the time period prescribed in the Statutory Instruments Regulations.

Service standard

Maintaining a publishing accuracy rating of over 99% for every notice we publish.

Parts of the Canada Gazette

The Canada Gazette consists of 3 parts: parts I, II and III. Each part contains specific types of notices. We are an online publication only.

Part I

Part I contains public notices, official appointments and proposed regulations from the Government of Canada. The official publication date is Saturday and the publication is available online every Friday at 2 pm Eastern time, with some exceptions during statutory holidays.

Quarterly index

The Canada Gazette publishes a quarterly index, a directory of all notices published in Part I over 3‑month period.

Part II

Part II contains all regulations that became official. It also contains documents such as orders in council, orders and proclamations. Only federal departments and agencies publish in Part II. Regular editions are published every second Wednesday at 9 am Eastern time.

Consolidated index

A quarterly consolidated index is a directory of all the regulations, statutory instruments and other documents published in Part II since 1955 that are still in force today.

Part III

Part III contains public Acts of Parliament. It also contains a list of the proclamations of Canada and orders in council relating to the acts.

Part III is published after the acts receive royal assent by the Governor General. The Department of Justice decides when Part III is published.

Extra editions

Part I and Part II extra editions can be published under required circumstances or when a law demands a document to be published without delay.

Publishing the Canada Gazette

The official version of the Canada Gazette is bilingual, and in PDF format. It bears the "Canada Gazette" wordmark and Arms of Canada.

The unofficial version of the Canada Gazette is published in HTML format, and is available in French and English.

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